Marble is a very fashionable product. Despite being a rather traditional material, today it has become one of the most popular used by professionals and also on a domestic level because of its peculiarities.

Why it is so fashionable? The main reason behind this fact is that we have a material with a great resistance to all types of weather and situations which could damage it. According to experts and consumers this product may last a lifetime if normal precautions are taken.

Domestically, marble is often used in bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchen countertops that are made with this material can withstand high temperatures from cookware after cooking food, any bumps, scratches and cuts. This is essential due to the use that exists in the kitchen of different tools and materials that could increase the chances of damage to these materials.

As for bathrooms, marble is a material with a huge stamina. It is mainly used for the surface where the basin sits and as a shelf in places like the shower. These are areas likely to suffer a significant wear and tear.

Focusing on the aesthetic section we must point out that marble has been able to renew itself over the years and continues to lead in innovation, design and modernity. The most modern and avant-garde decoration allows it to be modified with spectacular results. Walls, floors or marble countertops can be built which bring sophistication or design that can fit into any kind of style: classic, minimalist, modern … etc.

Another feature to highlight is that marble is a product having a clear upward trend in terms of consumption and acceptance among consumers. Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned specifications, we also note that we have a strong, sophisticated, elegant and timeless material that can convert any decor in a clean, striking and very neat setting.

In conclusion, this is one of the most popular and hardiest of materials. Its specifications make it the most favourable for customers to opt for before any work is carried out, either domestically or on a business level.