Cosentino always has in mind the union of quality and beauty; Silestone represents this idea: beauty and elegance go hand in hand along with the technical properties that characterize Silestone such as non-porosity, high resistance to stains, as well as its hardness and high scratch resistance. In Mercasur you can buy Silestone in Estepona, we are official Silestone dealer.


The Stone Silestone is composed of 94% natural quartz, giving it qualities of hardness and extraordinary resistance. It is the first and only quartz worktop with antibacterial protection, providing it with unique hygienic qualities you will not find on the market. It is an excellent surface for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, floors and wall coverings where the joins are unnoticeable.

Silestone Maximun hygiene.

Silestone range of colours.

It also has many nuances of colour, so it offers numerous decorative possibilities for any part of your home: from a kitchen counter to a project for furniture in the home. Silestone is an investment for the future. Silestone is forever.

Silestone Highly resistant.

Resistant to stains.

Silestone for well-used surfaces.

strong and durable

Silestone is a very tough, hard material composed almost entirely of natural quartz, which other competitors use as a reference.

In Mercasur Estepona we offer the greatest variety in this type of material which has many advantages for customers that choose it.

Silestone Advantages kitchen countertops

This product, as mentioned before, is a very wear resistant material and as such it has an important guarantee of 25 years, something very significant for a material commonly used in living areas suffering enormous use or suffering under different conditions where it is used. It’s important to mention that its a very resistant material to acid stains, scratches or possible impacts, hence its very high demand in the market.

Resistant to scratching and impacts.

Silestone is a product used mainly for installation of kitchen countertops, showers or sinks, but its use in kitchens is usually the most demanded by users.

This material can be found in different colours, grouped into 13 series, all available from the leader in its sector and with the widest range and variety.

Much more that you can imagine

In Mercasur Estepona this material can be found in a range of colours and textures. Speaking of textures, it’s important to emphasize that people tend to think or imagine that this material has a smooth, shiny surface but this is not so, as the range of textures has expanded and it can now be used in various different areas of the home.

Natural Beauty

It is also important to highlight the wide range of Silestone colours which the customer is offered. This makes it extremely useful and gives versatility to meet the different needs that many users who come to the firm in the sector may require.

Guaranteed Quality

Other aspects highlighted in this material is its porosity which is almost nonexistent. During the manufacturing process, Silestone is a material with no pores, leading to it having a very low dose of absorption which helps in its protection against all types of stains or acids.

In short, this is one of the most highly demanded materials due to its amazing characteristics and its ability to be used in different parts of the home.

If you want to know more about this product on the manufacturer website you can view it by clicking here.




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