Kitchen tiles in Estepona

Tiles for the kitchen are again trendy thanks to the possibilities offered by this material. Its large capacity to customize the result and its diverse range of finishes and textures give character to the room and make it different from the traditional tiling that had been applied to the kitchens. Ceramic tiles are the perfect solution if we want to renew our kitchen or give it a new look.

Generally, as it happens in the rest of the rooms of the home, the decorative trend in ceramic for kitchen also includes geometric shapes, white, cream and grey colors, imitation wood, stone ceramic or the large sizes. All this ceramic could be found in our store in Estepona.


In terms of color, in general, white kitchens are always trendy. White color brings brightness and amplitude to the rooms, so its choice will be a success for any kitchen remodelling project that we want to carry out.

Also, this combines with the whole palette of colors we can imagine. White kitchens with touches of color, achieved using hydraulic tiles; combinations with white and black or grey or wood,  the possibilities are endless.

Also, the range could be extended to any other shades of cream, natural or beige with which it fits perfectly.


The coating with mosaics is also a good idea if you want to give a touch of color or distinction to a kitchen area. Currently, the palette of color that glass mosaic offers is spectacular. Surely, you will be surprised by its variety!

Playing with geometry and the composition of mosaics is a recurring resource that achieves to give a touch of modernity and dynamism to the traditional tile. Thanks to the different sizes, shapes and colors and the selection of geometric patterns that enhance certain parts of the kitchen, could help to give it character without a doubt.

The tiles called Metro for kitchens

The tiles called ´´metro´´ slip into the kitchen to create decorative projects whose result is influenced, in many cases, by the industrial aesthetic. The ceramic is applied to walls, and there is a tendency to play with the way of laying these tiles, make color combinations or bet on a single color that highlights with the furniture chosen for the kitchen. Usually, these types are glossy.


The effect that is imitating wood ceramic offers, that is, warmth and naturalness could also be achieved if we apply it in the kitchen. It could be used on the floor laying or coating in certain parts of the walls, and the result can be to achieve a cosy atmosphere. Nowadays, we find in the market a wide range of finishes from different types: oak, walnut…etc, whose result is truly reliable reproductions. One tendency, in this sense, is the combination of this type of ceramic with white color either matt or glossy.

In addition to wood, the application of technology to ceramics has also allowed its imitation to the stone, achieving amazing results in its finishes, streaks, colors and nuances. The colors of the worn metals, the slate, the dust, the earth,  are taken as reference.

This stone effect combines perfectly with white kitchens, with touches of wood and with shades of grey. Playing with those combinations will always be a success to create decorative projects in Nordic, Industrial or Contemporary styles with linear designs and sophisticated.


Applying textures in the kitchen contributes to creating a different ambience from what we can be accustomed to, using the traditional ceramic tile, for example. In this way, the decoration is more dynamic, and the room takes movement, expanding the spaces visually.