Ceramics, a world in constant change and evolution, give us the option to choose from a wide variety of product types, formats, textures thanks to continuous innovation using the latest technologies in manufacturing.

In order to adapt to new trends our suppliers have devoted all their efforts to innovation, currently printing in high and low relief to the edges. There are no limitations in the decoration, enabling greater realism and definition,as well as reducing enamel waste thus consolidating the commitment to the environment.

White paste, red paste, varnished porcelain and mass. Tiles for covering both indoor and outdoor walls and flooring which recreates the essence of wood or stone, allow us to make our home a unique and personal place.

Another of the finishes within this material most popular by consumers in general and which attracts attention, is the ceramic wood finish, ie wooden ceramics. This variant of ceramics has become one of the most highly demanded materials due to the myriad of options offered for creating natural surfaces or more classic formats.


Focusing on varieties where we find this material so versatile and dynamic, we must make mention of the applications which have drawn the most interest from our customers.

Modern Ceramic      Classical Ceramic    Stone Ceramic    

Wooden Ceramic     Pool Ceramic

Among the ceramic varieties most popular nowadays and in high demand by customers, we find the decorative aspect that this material offers and what stands out is a finish based on simplicity, without great fanfare , but letting us get a glimpse at the quality of a highly versatile material and with a great capacity to adapt to the needs of each consumer.

To sum up, ceramics have become an indispensable material in decor as well as in construction or finishes hence the demand and use of these materials soaring in recent years.

Ceramics, versatility and quality together in the same material.

To define ceramics we could say that primarily it is a group of inorganic materials, composed of metallic and non-metallic elements and having a crystalline nature and which typically acquires its hardness during cooking in an oven at a minimum of at least 500 ° C.

Ceramic is a really dynamic material with a thousand faces. Its versatility has made it a benchmark for consumers, as it manages to provide architectural, constructive and decorative solutions whenever necessary.

This material offers the consumer the possibility of being able to choose from a variety of formats and textures in the different products when it is used or offered. This is possible thanks to the continuous innovation in I & D which is used in the creative process of this highly-acclaimed material.

The possibilities are endless and ceramics allow consumers to find exactly what they are looking for, in a personalized way. To be more precise, the ceramic can vary in colour, shape, size, texture, positioning systems, effects or finishes, among many other possibilities.



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