Home coatings and floorings.

Constant change and aesthetic evolution are the premises that allow us to choose from a wide variety of tiles and ceramic tiles to be applied on the surfaces of the home.

It could be found infinite sizes, textures and colours and all of it is possible thanks to a process of continuous innovation and the use of new manufacturing techniques of the current generation of ceramics and tiles.

At present, high and low relief printing is possible, even up to the edge, breaking the decoration boundaries.  In addition, there had been maximised the realism and the definition of the pieces and this innovation  generates a world of infinite textures and colours.

On the other hand, the generation of enamel residues in the manufacturing of tiles and ceramic tiles, has been reduced drastically, implementing sustainable awareness and adopting a strong environmental commitment.

We offer you a wide range of tiles

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got it.

In our permanent exhibition, you will able to see and touch all kinds of ceramics, floor tiles and slabs: White paste, red paste, porcelain tile, enamelled and rustic stonewares . A vast number of possible combinations to find your ideal style.

Tiles to coat walls, both indoor and outdoor. Flooring that recreates the essence of wood or stone which allow to create unique atmospheres, full of personality in our home.


Our tile showroom


    According to materials and finishes

Ceramic tile

or stoneware.

Made of red paste or white past, this type of coating is ideal for indoor use. With an infinite range of finishes, the enamelled ceramic tiles (or enamelled stoneware) are the most used in most of the construction or renovation projects at home.

Tiles with extraordinary shapes

A thousand silhouettes and sizes available.

Among the variety we offer, you could find ceramics for bathrooms and tiles for kitchens, porcelain floor tiles, stoneware and rectified tiles. Also, we have decorative borders and strips and all types of decorative finishes, ceramics and swimming pools pavement. Endless possibilities to coat your home.

Here you can proceed to all the ceramic products: