Metallic Glass Mosaics.

The glass mosaics with dark metallic tones or iridescent tones offer a melting pot of shades when combined with the pool water, the sunlight and the inner spotlights of the pool itself.

Golden, silvers, blues, greens and blacks colours, the most fancy colours that will bring an extra style to the whole pool.


Navy blue

Forest green


Cherry red

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We’re sure you already know which tiles you like for your pool, don’t you? Well, it is normal to doubt due to the large variety of options.

For this reason, in Mercasur Estepona, we make it easier, helping you to decide what option could be more appropriate with your garden decoration, your specific needs and your budget.

And if it is not still the moment to coat the pool, from here you can directly access to the rest of tiles categories that we have available.