Integrity sinks are made of one single piece without joints or cracks, integrating, as the work suggests, your own work surface with the other elements.

With a large range of colours and features available, the Silestone sink is considered the best on the market for its scratch resistance and durability, diversity of designs and antibacterial protection.

Tips to improve your home based on the latest trends integrating the Silestone Sinks Integrity One or Integrity Due.

Our first objective when making a home improvement is to think of the aesthetic aspect, but we must learn to recognize all the aspects that affect the area we are working in and also take into account the practical element of a kitchen and its uses.

Making the final decision of whether or not to reform is an arduous task. Thousands of options and budgets stand before us but we must know what the pros and cons are,before going ahead with any project. In this way, if we know what to expect we have half the job done already. The so-called “reform project” is now a reality.

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