Choosing tiles for your bathroom project currently is not as simple as before. Today there is so much variety in design, shape, color, textures and finishes that the task can be really overwhelming. A few years ago, the use of bathroom tiles became greatly popular by their functional benefits: water-resistance, durability, easy maintenance and cleaning. However, at present the bathrooms tiles have an aesthetic impact as important as their technical characteristics.

    The manufacturers, aware of this proliferation, have been expanding their collection and applied the latest technologies to satisfy the existing demand in the ceramic for bathroom market. In our Ceramic Department in Estepona, you could find the latest trends and the necessary consulting service to make your bathroom project a success in terms of design, comfort and functionality.

    What are the current trends in Bathroom tiles?

    We can observe that in the trends in the size for bathroom tiles, curiously two opposite tendencies coexist. For one hand, we have the large format tiles which give a sense of amplitude to the rooms, creating a seamless visual effect. In the other hand, we have the small tiles which are applied in decorative and colorful compositions.

    If you like the warm and natural look that wood offers, you are lucky! The wood imitation ceramic is fashionable in the bathrooms designs. Wood inspires elegance, gives great beauty to the environments and match perfectly with any decorative style. The progress in this sense, makes possible to find tiles to bathroom with finishes imitating oak, walnut or cherry wood. In addition, it could be found in different sizes and shapes that allow to create ornamental pattern like spikes. This type of bathroom tiles could be placed to coat the walls as for lying floors.

      Another of the favorite options for the bathroom is actually the geometric motifs, especially hexagonal and spike motifs. The geometrical tiles are presented in different colors, textures and formats and can be applied to the entire floor or wall surface as well as to a specific area to be highlighted with respect to the rest. With this type of ceramic for bathroom, you will create movement and break the space monotony

      The tiles that you can see in this bathroom are the well-known as “metro”, traditionally used in the walls of Subways of the big cities and which continues enchanting to decorators and individuals. This type of ceramic has survived over the years and at the present time, returns with strength to stay. These tiles have a characteristic format: they are rectangular. The evolution in this type of tiles has been the wide range of colors they offer, as well as their finishes that can be gloss, matt, metallic, glass…

      The decorative possibilities with this type of ceramics are infinite: we could combine two or more colors as well as choose a horizontal and vertical layout to create an original effect. Some ideas to apply these “metro” tiles are to cover only half of the wall or delimit the shower area for example. Ask our professionals and they will recommend you to choose the most surprising combinations.

      The tile remains the undisputed king of the bathroom. Although for many years it was considered not very elegant, nowadays, it is again in vogue thanks to the perfection of its imitations of natural stone and the infinity of textures and shades. It can be applied for coating walls, floors, worktops; basins… its use will provide a dose of modernism, sophistication and elegance.

      Contemporary designs make great use of neutral colors, leaving aside the shining surfaces and giving way to matt ones; and the bathroom tiles are not an exception. The grey, beige and cream tones predominate in these spaces, designed for relaxation and comfort because these colors allow creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. If we want to give a touch of color, it can be used any decorative border, mosaic or add any additional vivid color complements.

      The 3-Dimensional designs are a booming proposal to cover the walls of the bathroom. If we want to provoke a surprising effect, the best is inserting simple tiles with some strip or with a whole wall with Three-dimensional tiles. In Mercasur Estepona you could find tiles with volume and different textures that will leave you with your mouth wide open.

      To the above we can add other tendency: the metallic effect. The coating with a metallic touch with glitters and reflections, those remind us of precious metals, are also a current alternative to create sophisticate and elegant environment. Like the relief tiles, it is convenient to apply them in specific areas.

      Despite this last trend, white remains the star color. For small bathrooms, white tiles bring light and amplitude. For the larger bathrooms, the white tiles can be combined with any color you like to create a nice chromatic combination, for example, white and black combination.