Kitchens become the ‘kings of the house’

Kitchens have become the central axis of the home. Over the years they have become increasingly important and they are no longer thought of as places only intended for cooking but have become one of the most visited and lived in areas of the home. If  you want to  buy kitchens in Estepona, Mercasur is a official  kitchens dealer

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This change of opinion of kitchens in general has meant that more of the budget is devoted to achieving a habitable, comfortable and above all very functional space.

Thinking along these lines, the company designs and makes fitted kitchens with all their commodities and taking into account suggestions made by the customer. Furthermore, we offer a wide range in the design of kitchens including all components:

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Do you want to know why?

In our more than 25 years of experience in the sector, we have designed countless projects for clients with all kinds of needs, spaces and budgets.

In addition, we love to take on the challenges proposed during the process as our own; in this way, we enjoy getting involved with the client and creating, together, the perfect kitchen.

Likewise, in our selection of kitchen suppliers, you will find the best national and international manufacturers; our priority is to be able to offer the maximum guarantee in all the components of your kitchens.

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What kitchen styles are you looking for?

We have different domestic manufacturers fully compliant with all our demands, in order to offer a wider range of products of exceptional quality.

In textures you will find satin finishes, glossy, the silkiest matt or the most trendy prints.

For lovers of the rustic and cozy style. Our range of finishes in warm tones, inspired by nature itself, will give your kitchen an organic style and character of its own.

In addition, we can mix pieces to achieve a timeless rustic kitchen, mixing the charm of natural materials with the straight lines of today’s kitchen design.

No matter how small or large the kitchen is, a kitchen’s storage capacity will make all the difference in terms of functionality.

For this reason, we can offer you all kinds of solutions to organise the interior of your furniture: removable modules, shutter doors, fittings that can withstand the day-to-day running of your kitchen, or spaces where each element has its place.

Mercasur seeks to combine the demands of its customers with quality products provided by a wide range of manufacturers offering all kinds of programs to create designer kitchens, modern kitchens or classical kitchens.

Our different national and international manufacturers adapt completely to all customer requirements, in order to offer them a wider range of products at an exceptional quality.

Another of the strengths of the company is that it offers customers a choice of the many special offers available and solutions to achieve the perfect kitchen at an attractive price. Without doubt, as far as quality and value for money is concerned, we stand out in the current market.



Another remarkable aspect within the services offered from the leading companies in its sector to its customers and extremely useful to them is that by using a specific programme, the customer can see the room, ie, that of the kitchen, and see the end result and what the kitchen will look like on completion. This innovative solution brings added potential for customers who will be able to pick up on any problem areas before the start of the project.

Kitchen quality

The difference is in the details


✓ 19mm melamine board with high density core.

1mm PVC edged pieces: greater watertightness and resistance.

✓ Adjustable shelves, anti-panic tensor, hidden panel support and anti-tip system.


Integrated brake.

Triple adjustment and quick release.

Covered arm and cup.

✓ Manufactured in stainless steel with electrolytic bath and titanium finish.


Easy and comfortable to open, even with large loads.

✓ Drawer fronts with recessed grip.

✓ Up to 11% more storage capacity, thanks to the design of the sides.

✓ Two finishes: Stone / Ice.


Same specifications as the drawers.

✓ Various configurations of the sides, 100% adaptable to each kitchen.

✓ With optional oak wood trims.

Closed Side

Cristalplus Side

Push opening

Wood Trim


✓ Made of steel.

Double independent regulation.

✓ Patented anti-tip system.

Cover caps, made of ABS, in the same tone as the frame.


Highly resistant hidden legs.

✓ Available in two heights, adjustable from 10 cm to 19 cm.

Certified AIMME no S-07-00455: up to 256 kg/pc compression without deformation.

Liftable systems

✓ Smaller, more stylish size.

✓ Smooth, effortless opening.

✓ Integrated multi-position aperture limiter.

✓ Two opening options: Normal or Push.


Without doubt, the correct choice of storage in the kitchen is very important for order and harmony to reign throughout the home.

In addition, thanks to these elements, access to the entire contents of the space is also made easier as manufacturers take into account innovative ideas, ergonomics, comfort, design and technology.

The removable units for the cupboard are also a perfect alternative to obtain order, comfort and accessibility. This type of cupboards have a  built-in draws  as the removable draws or semi columns with interior draws; which allows us  to have better tidy cupboard, and all the products within reach of our hand, without need to be taking out a few products to reach others.

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Another option is the kitchen furniture with blind, a perfect alternative for union of top and low ones. The blind allows hiding the interior of the module quick and without the minor effort, which turns it into a perfect system of opening to keep small domestic appliances.

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