Kitchens become the ‘kings of the house’

Kitchens have become the central axis of the home. Over the years they have become increasingly important and they are no longer thought of as places only intended for cooking but have become one of the most visited and lived in areas of the home. If  you want to  buy kitchens in Estepona, Mercasur is a official  kitchens dealer

This change of opinion of kitchens in general has meant that more of the budget is devoted to achieving a habitable, comfortable and above all very functional space.

Thinking along these lines, the company designs and makes fitted kitchens with all their commodities and taking into account suggestions made by the customer. Furthermore, we offer a wide range in the design of kitchens including all components:

The kitchen is one of the most used areas and most important place in your home, so in Mercasur have taken into account comfort, versatility, capacity, aesthetics and innovation. All details are important to us, making sure that the chosen kitchen meets the expectations in quality, price and kitchen design.

We have different domestic manufacturers fully compliant with all our demands, in order to offer a wider range of products of exceptional quality.

In Mercasur we help you to carefully design the kitchen of your dreams using specific programs that allow you to visualize how your project is going to turn out without having to use your own imagination.

Mercasur seeks to combine the demands of its customers with quality products provided by a wide range of manufacturers offering all kinds of programs to create designer kitchens, modern kitchens or classical kitchens.

Another of the strengths of the company is that it offers customers a choice of the many special offers available and solutions to achieve the perfect kitchen at an attractive price. Without doubt, as far as quality and value for money is concerned, we stand out in the current market.



Another remarkable aspect within the services offered from the leading companies in its sector to its customers and extremely useful to them is that by using a specific programme, the customer can see the room, ie, that of the kitchen, and see the end result and what the kitchen will look like on completion. This innovative solution brings added potential for customers who will be able to pick up on any problem areas before the start of the project.

Lastly, it is also important to note that the kitchen, over the years has gained in importance because it has become the centre of the home. This, as we have already mentioned, has occurred because it is no longer an area where people pass by but has become a room where families spend part of their daily life (meals, homework … etc). In addition to this, the kitchen has also become one of the star rooms in which the owners can show off the designs, furniture and functionality to their friends or guests.


In addition, thanks to these elements, also there is facilitated access to the whole content of the space since the manufacturers bear in mind innovative ideas, the ergonomics, the comfort, the design and the technology. The twists ended when you have to take a pot from the bottom of a cupboard or that you drop the condiment jags because you cannot reach to the one that you want.

The draws are golden spaces if we then manage to get the maximum using the correct distribution. Separating exist modules, for example, for the interiors, which allow to place knives, cutlery, kitchen utensils, etc. Everything what it is necessary to storage will be easily reach by hand. Draws system in high and low modules, which makes the most of the same space; dividers for plates and pans; draws with organizers for condiments or containers of the same form; totally removable draws to keep the products for cleaning and cloths; draws under the sink to place bin and recycling containers, etc. The possibilities are huge.

The corners are one of the most difficult spaces to get use of. How many times we have to twist ourselves to reach a pot or a frying pan hidden? In order to don´t damage our back, we can choose corner furniture with removable shelves that come out. The removable units for the cupboard are also a perfect alternative to obtain order, comfort and accessibility. This type of cupboards have a  built-in draws  as the removable draws or semi columns with interior draws; which allows us  to have better tidy cupboard, and all the products within reach of our hand, without need to be taking out a few products to reach others.

Another option is the kitchen furniture with blind, a perfect alternative for union of top and low furniture. The blind allows hiding the interior of the module quick and without the minor effort, which turns it into a perfect system of opening to keep small domestic appliances. The best way to get the maximum furniture spaces in your kitchen is to ask for advice of experts and professionals in the kitchen design. This way, any space will be capable of turning into tidy, wide and accessible storage. Achieving with it that the kitchen is a functional, comfortable, secure and nice place to cook.