Modern kitchens are the ones that have a contemporary, actual style and they have certain characteristics. In contrast to the modern kitchens, there are classic or rustic kitchens. However, at present, we also could find modern kitchen style that uses some elements, which are more typical and used in contemporary kitchens.


From Mercasur Estepona, we suggest the most innovative proposals to enjoy your home to the maximum. Today’s modern kitchens is full of children and adults who come and go about their daily business as well as episodes of more relaxing moments with families or friends.

How to design a modern kitchen

The design of a modern kitchen is as varied and different as many personal tastes exist. The most important fact is to create a kitchen that fits with your personality, character and style.  Whether your home décor has a minimalist style and you want to continue it in the kitchen, as you don´t have it and want to give an original touch to this area, please take note of these general aspects that all the modern kitchens usually have in common:


Lighting: It is especially important in the kitchen because it will be needed an adequate lighting for the workspace where we wash, cut and cook the food. There are recessed ceiling lights, hanging lamps and even lights could be installed under the cupboard in order to illuminate the countertop area.

Kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets with automatic sensors: Undoubtedly it is one of the more comfortable elements when you are cooking. Automatic switch on/off and water saving. There are also taps with high and removable spouts so that the comfort in their use is absolute.

Functional sinks

Hightly functional sinks: we currently find in the market a wide variety of sinks, designed with a large storage space to make easier the cleaning of big pots or the washing of any type of food we would need to wash.

Intelligent Appliances

Intelligent Appliances: whether in ovens, induction hobs, fridges, extractor hoods or any other kitchen appliance, the trend is the high technology that is applied to these devices and it allow us, in many cases, to control them from our mobile phones.


Storage: One of the characteristics of modern kitchens is that nearly all the kitchen elements are not visible, that is, everything is saved, kept inside the furniture so that the order and the cleanliness are the predominant effect. The storage options range cover from cupboards and drawers with dish organizers, pantry items and cooking utensils to removable and recycling waste bins fitted inside the furniture.


How do we distribute a modern kitchen?

Whether we are planning a small modern kitchen as a wider area, the most important matter is the adequate disposition of the elements that you are going to fit in your kitchen, and it will be the key to get the most with the available square meters you have.
Once we have clear this point, the next step is choosing the kind of distributions that will be the most suitable for the functionality that will be given to the kitchen as well as the shape and meters available. Some of the more popular kitchen distributions are:


Modern U-shaped kitchens: It is one of the most comfortable options when you are working in the kitchen. It normally increases the countertop area and the furniture units. This distribution is quite practical and creates an imaginary triangle between the water, cooking and storage areas, allowing several people cook at once comfortably.

With island

Modern kitchens with island: For this option, an important requirement is a large space for the simple reason of being able to open well the doors of both furniture areas. The islands are very useful because they increase the storage space and the working surface, either to put the cooking stove or the water area or both. The trend of kitchens opened to the living room has led to a greater demand for island that delimits both environments. To install a power cooker hood is an important requirement in this case.


Modern L-shaped kitchens: It is one of the most common distributions. It allows creating a large work surface to cook comfortably. This distribution makes it easy to have a table or counter to have breakfast or eat in the kitchen place.

In line

Modern Kitchens in-line: In this case, the whole working area is installed in a single wall. This type of distribution is optimal if the kitchen has an elongated and narrow shape.



There are a variety of ways on how to approach it. It can be transformed into a sanctuary of physical and emotional rest by mixing a variety of soft colours, or on the other hand be daring and use colours like purple emphasizing privacy as a couple. On the psychology of colours, cold shades lead to better relaxation nearing bedtime while warm colours lead to more intimacy.

Regarding new trends in decorating modern kitchens, using bright, brilliant colours such as reds, yellows, blues and greens will evoke optimism and vitality.


Modern kitchens generally evoke clean lines and simple styles with designs that focus on the proper use of open space for a fully functional kitchen. There is no doubt that kitchens have become one of the spaces in the home where we spend most of our time. Therefore, one of the current trends is that modern kitchens in 2019 will be open to the living room or dining room, like modern American kitchens.

We recommend you to get expert help. A reform always implies many details, need to have clear ideas about the effect you want and, sometimes, it is not easy to turn our ideas into the real project.  We have a kitchen department with highly qualified professionals who will advise you on this subject. We have an extensive catalogue of modern kitchens as well as many images with which you will take ideas for your new kitchen. We are sure that among all modern kitchens designs we could offer you, you will find the kitchen of your dreams.

The kitchen department of Mercasur Estepona has a state-of-the-art kitchen design programme that shows you photos of modern kitchens, as well as a kitchen design with the current space you have so that you can get an idea of how everything would look.

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