The design of a modern kitchen is as varied and different as many personal tastes exist. The most important fact is to create a kitchen that fits with your personality, character and style.  Whether your home décor has a minimalist style and you want to continue it in the kitchen, as you don´t have it and want to give an original touch to this area, please take note of these general aspects that all the modern kitchens usually have in common:


Modern Kitchens in-line: In this case, the whole working area is installed in a single wall. This type of distribution is optimal if the kitchen has an elongated and narrow shape.

In white and wood

In black and white

Regarding new trends in decorating modern kitchens, using bright, brilliant colours such as reds, yellows, blues and greens will evoke optimism and vitality.

With windows


The kitchen department of Mercasur Estepona has a state-of-the-art kitchen design programme that shows you photos of modern kitchens, as well as a kitchen design with the current space you have so that you can get an idea of how everything would look.

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