Current trends where the latest dark colours blend in contrast with light colours and this fusion leads to a unique ambience of aesthetic harmony, showing the depth of colour and highlighting the beauty of Silestone. For this reason Silestone is targeted as a desired material in renovations. But at the same time, it still has functional elements and we have the security of knowing that its a robust material that adapts to being used in both bathrooms and kitchens.



Desert Silver

This color has a cold looking due to its inspiration in the grey marbles trend. Its surface is compensated in quality thanks to the fine white streak that crossed it. A timeless color that could be always used for interior designs and decoration projects.

Pearl Jasmine

It is one of the new shades of the Eternal Series based on marbled aesthetic. Pearl Jasmine is inspired by Macabaus white marble. It is a pure-looking color, authentic and exquisite as a result of the combination between the off-white background with the randomness of veined and grey waves.

Eternal Marfil

Eternal Ivory is other of the new shades of Eternal Series, based on the Cream Ivory marble, a natural stone that presents a veined in orange tone blended in a natural way with a cream-colored background. This color is a safe bet to create warmth and a natural and comfortable environment within contemporary and avant-garde aesthetic project.


Eternal Charcoal Soapstone

Eternal Serena

Eternal Statuario

Eternal Marquina

Eternal Calacatta Gold

Silestone Iconic Black

Silestone Iconic White

Consentino Group, under Silestone brand, always stands out for its innovation in developing the best aesthetic solutions adapting to current trends. For this motive, Silestone offers a wide and innovating color palette, looking to give something new to the market. But, without any doubt, there is a color that is considered the undisputed king: the White Color. Silestone White is a safe, timeless and easily combinable bet.

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

Silestone White Storm

Silestone Lyra

Silestone Blanco Norte

Silestone Cream Stone

Silestone Blanco Maple

Silestone Ariel

Silestone Blanco Stellar

Silestone White Platinum

Silestone Blanco Orion

Silestone Lagoon

Silestone Helix

Silestone Bianco Rivers

Silestone Pulsar

White Spaces provide luminosity, amplitude, give calm and purity. It is one of the colors par excellence in the world of decoration by the multitude of possible combinations and by its mixture of different materials and textures, for which it is always goes enforced.

Silestone Yukon

Silestone Haiku

Silestone Vortium

Silestone Blanco Capri

Silestone Tigris Sand

Silestone Blanco City

Silestone Phoenix

Silestone Crema Minerva

Silestone, from Cosentino Group, trust in this trend and and commit to this inmortal solution for kitchens and bathrooms. Some of the trending white colors are Silestone North White or Silestone Zeus White. However, within the light color palette, Silestone grey have a prominent role in home countertops. It is a color that never goes out of style and also it combines with a wide palette of colors both clear and darker.

Silestone Coral Clay

Silestone Rougui

Silestone Royal Reef

Silestone Noka

Silestone Unsui

Silestone Gris Amazon

Silestone Calypso

Silestone Altair

If we have a small kitchen area or we are not sure about style, white colors may be a big ally: Silestone Zeus White or Silestone North White may be a suitable option.

Silestone Merope

Silestone Kensho

Silestone Niebla

Silestone Aluminio Nube

Silestone Cygnus

Silestone Gris Expo

Silestone Ironbark

Silestone Cemento Spa

Likewise, if instead of white Silestone, we opt for other colors that Silestone palette offers, , white furniture combines perfectly. In addition, the different furniture finishes (matt, satin , lacquered, with molding, with or without handles…etc) will influence in the overall aspect of kitchen style. The fact of including touches of color in walls, curtains, floor or other decorative items also contributes to give personality to the kitchen or the bathroom, getting a nice, comfortable, and trendy space.

Silestone Negro Stellar

Silestone Eros Stellar

Silestone Rosso Monza

Silestone Verde Fun

If one of the fears to choose Silestone white is its care and the possibility to get dirty continuously, we must clear this fear because with Silestone , the maintenance is easy and fast.

Silestone Marengo

Silestone Steel

Silestone Chrome

Silestone Carbono

Silestone Zirconium

Silestone Arden Blue

Silestone Negro Anubis

Silestone Negro Tebas

Consentino always considers the joining between quality and beauty; for this, Silestone represents this idea: beauty and elegance go hand in hand with its technical qualities that characterized to Silestone like the non porosity, high resistance to stained, for its hardness and high resistance to scratching.



Silver Lake

It is the second color of this collection. It is based on the traditional white colors, Silver Lake offers degraded soft grey tones which result is an original and stylish color. The color mixtures a fresh and contemporary aspect, capable of giving strength to any decorative project that want to underscore for its avant-garde.


It is one of the color within the new Silestone Loft Series, a new collection based on the industrial concept of concrete and cement. Brooklyn is an intense grey shade that features a range of effects dotted randomly. This combination makes this color the absolute protagonist wherever it is used.

Said contrast can easily be reversed, the idea is to mix idyllic environments with opposite elements. Thanks to the wide range of colours Silestone can adapt to any design and style that a customer has.

Contrast is what’s important and what counts in the latest tendencies.

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