Dekton, quality, design and durability united in one material. Dekton by Cosentino and thanks to its large format, its resistance to bending, among other aspects, it is a material that is able also to be used for wall cladding. We have the complete Catalog in Estepona.

What makes this new, ultracompact surface, and extraordinary material special is the diversity and the range that opens up of new applications: floors, facades, barbecues, buffets, chimneys, etc.
The difference that exists between the Dekton and some existing similar materials resides in its physical-mechanical properties, variety of thickness and size of the boards.

Dekton is a material that is made up of a mixture of raw materials destined for the manufacture of glass, porcelain or quartz surfaces. In Mercasur Estepona you will find the widest range and variety of this product that is committed to quality.


Dekton worktops have a price according to their quality and technical performance. Dekton is a premium manufacturer that is committed to new technologies and durable materials.

At the bottom of this page you will be able to see the entire Dekton colors catalog.

Dekton price: the three elements that are used to take into account when pricing the countertops are: materials, measure, and thickness.

With enormous possibilities, but when it comes to manipulating it, it is essential that it be carried out by qualified professionals, who know perfectly its characteristics and how to treat it.

Because of their technical specifications, dekton countertops are also a good option for outdoor areas. It offers features like resistance to scratches, stains and attrition; resistance to fire and heat, ice and melting, and reduced absorption of water.

This product “Dekton Trilium” stands out for being one of low porosity, of maximum hardness, it needs low maintenance and has high durability. Ideal for any part of our house.

Amazing  flooring by Dekton Gloss, characterized by its extraordinary, stunning, brightness, crystalline gloss. This range of dekton materials is gotten through a mechanic polishing process.