Dekton, quality, design and durability united in one material. Dekton by Cosentino and thanks to its large format, its resistance to bending, among other aspects, it is a material that is able also to be used for wall cladding. We have the complete Catalog in Estepona.

What makes this new, ultracompact surface, and extraordinary material special is the diversity and the range that opens up of new applications: floors, facades, barbecues, buffets, chimneys, etc.
The difference that exists between the Dekton and some existing similar materials resides in its physical-mechanical properties, variety of thickness and size of the boards.

Dekton is a material that is made up of a mixture of raw materials destined for the manufacture of glass, porcelain or quartz surfaces. In Mercasur Estepona you will find the widest range and variety of this product that is committed to quality.


At the bottom of this page you will be able to see the entire Dekton colors catalog.

Dekton worktops have a price according to their quality and technical performance. Dekton is a premium manufacturer that is committed to new technologies and durable materials.

Dekton price: the three elements that are used to take into account when pricing the countertops are: materials, measure, and thickness.

With enormous possibilities, but when it comes to manipulating it, it is essential that it be carried out by qualified professionals, who know perfectly its characteristics and how to treat it.

Because of their technical specifications, dekton countertops are also a good option for outdoor areas. It offers features like resistance to scratches, stains and attrition; resistance to fire and heat, ice and melting, and reduced absorption of water.

This product “Dekton Trilium” stands out for being one of low porosity, of maximum hardness, it needs low maintenance and has high durability. Ideal for any part of our house.

Amazing  flooring by Dekton Gloss, characterized by its extraordinary, stunning, brightness, crystalline gloss. This range of dekton materials is gotten through a mechanic polishing process.

¿Dekton or Silestone?. Choosing from one the two materials, you are opting for surfaces with high characteristics: non-porous, long-lasting for many years, and a wide variety of designs and colours.

As we have mentioned, dekton gives a perfect value for money. Because of  its high technical benefits that this material offers, it is suitable for both, indoor and outdoor. Follow this link to learn more about dekton prices: contact here.

One of the main qualities of this material is its size and lightness. This makes it the ideal material to use in any renovation or in installations with enormous design possibilities oriented to the rooms of the house like kitchens, bathrooms and facades. Also for flooring with a high density traffic of people so it shows that this material with its high versatility allows it to conform to the different needs that the customer requires at all times.

Without doubt , it revolutionizes the world of countertops, flooring, wall cladding, facades etc,  as it is presented as large formats.

These Dekton countertops offer a wide variety of colours. One of them is Spectra, a plain, bright and deep black that gives elegance to any project.

Also offer a wide variety of colours. One of them is Spectra, a plain, bright and deep black that gives elegance to any project.

The Quality Department of the Cosentino Group has technical information and specific manuals, as a guide and guidelines, aimed at marble workers, who handle and deal with this material on a daily basis. These manuals deal with issues related to the techniques of elaboration, handling and installation with the objective that the professional carries out the work obtaining the best results.

It is always a success, especially  if it is Trilium, the new colour 100% recycled  and inspired in the most intensive oxide.

Among the many features offered by this material we should point out that it is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays (which makes this a suitable material for outdoor use). It is the perfect material for all sorts of situations with varying degrees of resistance because it is not easily scratched with household utensils, it’s stain-resistant thanks to its low porosity, heat-resistant for placing kitchen utensils on it such as pots and pans, it’s not affected by abrasions and is resistant to low temperatures.

¿Are you going to change the kitchen floor? You can choose either Silestone or Dekton. These Premium brands guarantee the best results. Ask our professionals about their  characteristics.

Dekton Cosentino, pairing that is synonymous with innovation. What’s more, this material is the revolutionary surface that marks a before and an after at the architecture design world.

Dekton can be found in Mercasur in all shades of colours ranging from a wide variety of light tones to darker shades to meet all the customers needs, depending on what each customer is looking for.

Thanks to the excellent mechanical features  that  dekton as material offers, it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, facades, walls or flooring  with significant transit

With Dekton kitchens countertops offer a clean surface, pleasant to touch and what is more important, resistant to whatever is usual to happen in a kitchen during years being used.

Another of the advantages of Dekton is its size (320 x 144 cm) which makes it a material with a wide range of possibilities to be applied in different areas (kitchens, bathrooms, floors … etc).

Dekton and Silestone, Low porosity, long-lasting materials; resistant and suitable for all kinds of surfaces: flooring, countertops, wall cladding, etc. You will success with either of the two options.

¿Would you like a kitchen like this? With dekton kitchens, you can create an unique atmosphere. It lets installations  with large , uncut, joint-free formats making homogeneous surfaces like this….

We’d like to highlight that this material is most commonly used for countertops. It is highly demanded by customers in this area as its features make it a suitable material for such surfaces.

Dekton countertops Price will depend on several factors like type, thickness, and meters needed. If you are thinking of using dekton for your kitchen or bathroom, we recommend you to contact our professionals to be advised at all times.

Great quality that comes from a sophisticated mix of raw materials  that are used for manufacturing glass, porcelanic, and quartz surfaces, ¿did you know it?.

outside view of a terraze house made with dekton material decorated with a staircase and stairs at the bottom of the image

Architects and interior designers succumb to the enchantment  and performance of the Consentino ultracompact surface. In this image it has been used some of the new colors of the Dekton Industrial range: Orix, that remind us the worn-out cement and Nilium, inspired in the silver metal.

This creative concept, original and elegant, determines again its multiple possibilities than in the different shade of colors that they have as its diverse applications:  countertops, flooring, coating…etc.

Thanks to its exceptional features it is too a suitable material for outdoors, because it is able to create decorative projects with the strength and character as this one we observe in the picture.

Here you can get more ideas of environments and multiple combinations of designs. We supply all the Dekton colors in Estepona, Marbella, Gibraltar, also in Sotogrande and in San Pedro Alcántara. Of couse in all coast of the sun. Mercasur Estepona is a Official Dealer.


Here we show you the variety of Dekton Colors that we offer in Estepona, the ultra compact surface of Cosentino Group intended for  the architecture and design world, is the most extensive  one that exists in the market. All have something to make this material special and unique.


In short, Mercasur Estepona offers its customers throughout Spain the widest range and variety of a product of high quality and which is available for use on all interior and exterior surfaces.

Currently  ,  Dekton colours palette has 41 different references divided into seven different collections: Xgloss Basiq, XGloss Natural, Xgloss Solid, Wild Collection, Solid Collection.




It is one of the new colors within the Industrial collection with ultra-compact Dekton surface. Laos presents the classic aesthetics of industrial design with dark and worn colors: a color with grey veined and warm tones with a soft matt finished. Laos is perfect as a reflection of current avant-garde decoration.


Soke is another example of the new shades of industrial Dekton, with a meticulous design of drawings and colors, based on cement floors. Soke presents an arrangement of very realistic streaks that blend perfectly with the background in grey shades. This is a color that fits perfectly to any application and type of contemporary décor.


Lunar is a color that features a care industrial aesthetic as a result of its reinterpretation of the cement. The base of this new color is white so this totally current color could be applied to any reputable decorative project or constructive element.


Other color in the Industrial collection is Kreta, whose source of inspiration is the classic cement floors. This matte-textured color presents a calm and homogenous design. However, we could find darker and lighter areas, depending on the density of the design.  Kreta is a grey tone too, as the previous color, which makes it a very versatile color.


Dekton Trilium is the first Dekton color 100% recycled .Inspired by the most intense of the oxides, it is a mixture of deep volcanic, grey and black colors. This color is getting to be one of the chosen ones this year, for its innovative design.

color details from dekton Nilium


Belonging to the Industrial series, which pays homage to the aging stages of metals. Dekton Nilium, inspired by a silver metal. The delicate appearance of warm colors represents the beginning of the oxidation process of a material. A minimalist color where white and gray tones are mixed.

color details from dekton Orix


The color Dekton Orix represents the worn cement of industrial aesthetics. A mixture between the new and the worn and whose table shows a combination of colors based on different shades of blues, grays and greens.ed.

color details from dekton Radium


This color made with 80% recycled material, represents a steel plate oxidized and degraded in acid. Dekton Radium, Combines warm tones in the range of oranges and browns with the coldest character of blue and green tints.



Dekton Manhattan shows a dark and luminous grey color. Beneath its surface it beats the essence of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cement. This Deskton color is perfect for creating contrast with other shades and textures.


Dekton Qatar is inspired by the serenity of the sand and the beauty of desert lands, its bright beige shade makes a perfectly combinable color with all types of materials.


Dekton Vienna is a color which offers a brilliant white granulated tone which brings luminosity and amplitude to any space. Dekton Vienna is perfect to build full of light environments, timeless and light.

Each of  Dekton colours collections evokes an innovative proposal or environment. Some play the immortal beauty of nature, the deceiver personality of wood, the inspiration in the basic materials found on Earth, the intense nature of the industrial tones and oxides. One of the latest collections, Dekton Xgloss, relying on high technology: is carried out by advanced treatment nanotechnological and a mechanical polishing process, offering extraordinary, luminous and crystal shine in their finishes.




With Natura 18, Consentino continues to bet on the beauty that more popular marbles gives us. This color replicates the traditional aesthetic of marble with veins of soft grey color, enhancing the white surface. Natura 18 has a very shiny polished finish and a very striking color as a result of the technological nano-treatment and the mechanical polishing process. The result:  brightness similar to the glass one.


Dekton Fiord was inspired by the natural stones, rescuing the beauty of the most luxurious and spectacular Cream Onyx. A special and sophisticated Dekton color that collects the most intense yellows and land colors.


Dekton Glacier This color also devised based on natural stone, presents fine gold-colored streaks on white background.


Dekton Tundra with its white base and its grey streaks that traverse the whole board, Tundra is one of the Dekton colors that has reminiscent of marble.

From time to time the range of Dekton and its colors increase.  Always at the forefront, have a  clear commitment to innovation, to expand their offer and to meet  the most demanding needs of design,  architecture and decoration sectors.



Dekton Halo This  is a smooth white that has the own reflections of a crystal. Halo XGloss offers an exceptional whiteness, the latest trend in design.


Dekton Splendor XGloss is a soft smooth grey color with a finish that provides clarity and character to material with great elegance.


Dekton Spectra shows a smooth black with an exceptional brightness, shiny and intense. Spectra XGloss confers elegance to any project, both indoor and outdoor.


Dekton Blaze  of a smooth dark gray with a metallic tint. Blaze XGloss is an intense grey enhanced by its dazzling gleam.


Dekton Lumina Xgloss presents a Brown color with smooth and very warm shades of earth. As all its range, its glow and brightness makes it a unique color.


It is possible to choose the perfect colour from this material as it offers a wide variety of colour shades. You can apply it and take into account the space, square meters, place and the application itself  to  all types of kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, Dekton it is suitable for both interior or exterior walls.  So it is necessary to consult an expert as Mercasur Estepona which is also an official distributor of silestone or dekton with 25 years in the sector.



Dekton Borea, for its dark tones with marked streaks, the wenge is one of the most used woods in design world. Borea color is its counterparts although improving its features.


Dekton Makai  is presented as an alternative to decape/ stripped woods, with very clear tones . It is applied mainly, for coating and flooring.


Dekton Aldem ,this color is based on natural oak wood, betting on shades of industrial and worn out appearance.


Dekton Valterra bets on this color by emulating the chestnut color. Warm color based on  shades of red, creams and browns.

Dekton with styles and designs like marble, wood, oxide, natural stone, dazzling gloss…. The different finishes, textures, and the range of colours leads to new opportunities for designers  and architects who look for unifying  aesthetic, elegance, vanguard and innovation along with the technical  impeccable features from this material.



Dekton Zenith  shows a solid matte finish within the tonalities of white. A color that combines with different environments and styles.


Dekton Ariane  It has a solid white finish. Inspired by the aged wood painted in white. A tone which brings quality, timeless and diverse style


Dekton Domoos also within the range of blacks, presents a black charcoal with a soft matte finish.


Dekton Sirius is a color that is shown with a black solid texture finish that evokes the effect of slate.


Dekton Ananke,   born to represent a solid black with a finish inspired by the wood ripples.


Dekton Galema is the purest nudity of ochers .Highlighting its smooth and sincere tone. It brings elegance to any environment where it is applied.


Dekton Korus  It is in the range without nuances more than those  of the chromatic continuity of the grey.  It is a sober, calm and elegant tone.


Dekton Ventus its tone is light smooth grey; it is trend in design by betting on a sober tone but timeless and combinable with any decorative style.

Without doubt, the  full range of Dekton  colours will give something special to where is put on, apart from being a revolutionary product with very low maintenance and multiple possibilities when applying  ( exterior, interior, wall cladding, flooring, countertops, facades, etc.)



This color is inspired by the well-known Grey Pulpis marble, which presents a veined structure of light color and a cement background. Dekton Vera is a color that combines perfectly the natural veined condition of the natural stone with the industrial style, in its cement-colored background. It shows a matt soft texture that along with its own color confers a very timeless personal aesthetic.


The inspiration of this new Dekton color emanates from natural stone too…from Grey Pulpis marble. Dekton Kira is based on earth color tones that are presented in contrast with its fine striated, distributed naturally with grey colors of different intensity. This perfect combination makes this color an option with huge visual strength for any decorative project.


Opera is a new Dekton color inspired by the traditional aesthetic of Italian marble of Carrara. Thanks to its smooth finish and touch, the result is a velvety texture, a real novelty within the range of Dekton colors. Undoubtedly, it is a delight for interior designs.


Dekton Kelya is based on black marble with clear veins, provided with a finishing inspired by natural stone, with dark shade.


Dekton Fossil is like a textured grey rock with fossilized organism. The drawings of veins gives naturality to any space where it is applied.


Dekton Vegha is inspired by limestones and sandstones. It offers a storm-grey tone with a textured and intense visual sensation.


Dekton Gada resembles quartzite. A very natural color that mixes the satin finish with the roughness of quartzite. It has a matte textured finish.


Dekton Sirocco has a sepia brown base with soft streaks in lighter tones. It is a timeless color that brings an approach with nature to any environment.


Dektin Irok it belongs to the chromatic range of creams; with a blurred texture that evokes the appearance of ancient limestone rocks.


Dekton Danae evokes the movement of the sand: with a beige shade and a homogeneous streak in a darker hue. It is perfect for any application.


Dekton Edora with an uniform tone in warm grey that brings an unmistakable style as  classic as avant-garde.


Dekton Aura From the passion for Italian Calacatta and Carrara marbles, in whose boards are drawn on its soft white background, some veins that evoke this natural stone.


Dekton Nayla is defined as a matte granulated  white, which gives clarity, luminosity and amplitude to any decorative project.


Dekton Entzo is natural Gold. Inspired by the famous Calacatta Gold, it creates a color that joins golden hues for the characteristic veinage of natural marble, over pure white.


Dektin Kairos It has a natural and luminous veinage, with white colors and cold pale greys;   It refers to Statuary marble, highly valued in architecture and design.



Dekton Keranium melts brown / charcoal shades with a soft matte finish. As well as Kadum, this is a sophisticated and elegant color.


Dekton Kadum inside the brown tones, it has a solid soft matte finish. Sober and elegant color,it is a suitable color for indoor and outdoor.


Dekton Strato , it has a soft  matte grey finish, evoking the effect of concrete, providing a industrial aspect  to its application.


Dekton Blanc Concrete is an innovative proposal of an industrial character. With textured finish and bright tone, offers the possibility to create a multitude of decorative combinations.


Dekton Keon with a new industrial finish inspired by the natural aspect, tonality and texture of concrete.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We offer you the best Dekton Designs and prices for your kitchen, bathroom, regardless whether you want silestone, dekton, prexury, marble  or granite. We will help you to create your dream atmosphere. We sell and distribut in Estepona, Marbella, Gibraltar, Sotogrande, San Pedro Alcántara and in Costa del Sol in general.