Design and high quality for everyday use

There are some rooms in our house that require some extra planning to ensure we get the most out of them. Bathroom furniture, along with kitchen furniture, is one of the most important investments in our home.

It must be taken into account that, in most cases, the main family activity takes place in these two rooms; therefore, they will be the pieces that will most support our lifestyle.

In our extensive exhibition of bathroom furniture in Estepona, you will find an infinite number of combinations of bathroom furniture, with different finishes and textures, and of all styles.

Small furniture.

Perfect for toilets, guest bathrooms or for bathrooms that have minimal space.


They can be from small modules hung on the wall, to benches, small tables or furniture under the sink.

Narrow or
Reduced width

With doors, a drawer or two drawers, they are perfect for adapting to any space or saving elements such as passage doors.

Vertical or
column units.

Use them to make the most of vertical space and optimise the arrangement of elements in the bathroom. They are usually narrow and ideal to combine with a basin unit or other auxiliary furniture.

Long or
special length

When you have a large wall front, long furniture is a great option for dispensing with more elements in the bathroom, without sacrificing large storage capacity.

High furniture.

Sometimes, space limitations only occur horizontally, and you can have high ceilings and large vertical spaces. High bathroom furniture is a perfect solution in these cases.

Large or
wide furniture.

With doors or several drawers with distributor set. It is also possible to join modules together and make the unit as large as you want.

At two heights

They provide an extra touch of originality and are also exceptional for integrating the needs of each member of the family. Children and people with reduced mobility will gain in independence and comfort.

Bathroom furniture
with legs.

Especially necessary when the wall material is not designed to support heavy weight.

Length of 40 cm.

Length of 45 cm.

Length of 60 cm.

Length of 70 cm.

Length of 80 cm.

Length of 90 cm.

Length of 100 cm.

Length of 120 cm.

Customised furniture.

If none of the standard sizes of bathroom furniture could fit in your bathroom, you will always have the option of buying a customised furniture that fits perfectly into your bathroom space.


Endless possibilities for space optimisation

With 1 drawer.

Ideal for single-person bathrooms or where space is at a premium.

mueble de baño con un cajon de color madera marrón oscuro y mueble auxiliar encima color gris

With 2 drawers.

Perfect for standard-sized bathrooms. You can choose the size of the drawers to optimise the storage space.

With 3 drawers.

For extra-large bathrooms where space is not a problem and the primary fact is the functionality and spaciousness in the storage space.

mueble de baño color gris y dos espejos encimas, al lado una mampara de ducha

Double bathroom furniture.

They can be joined together so that they are visually one; or left apart so that each one has its own space.

With large drawers.

Large capacity drawers to store the needs of the whole family.

With drawer distributors.

The drawer’s square distributors can be found in various sizes and finishes. They are the perfect solution to keep order in wide drawers or in drawers that are going to hold a large number of small objects.

With doors.

With the advantage of not need to have extra space to open the drawers. They can be combined with drawers or open bathroom furniture.