The bathroom is the first and last place in the home that we visit during our day. That’s why it is appropriate to be a peaceful area of the home. Since it is a place that we use to escape and to relax in, it is a good idea to create a space of aesthetic beauty which gives us a feeling of overall tranquility.


A popular choice these days, is the use of dark colours on the bathroom floor contrasting with white walls. If you choose to follow these latest trends, your choice of basin should be consistant with these colour schemes.

New Vintage Countertop Basins

The color returns to the basins with a matte finish. The vintage is a trend and our Catalano supplier knows it very well. A line of countertop basins for originals bathrooms, but with this “retro” touch. Undoubtedly something totally different in a concept that brings much originality.


We can help you reach the optimal effect in your bathroom. By installing our quality materials and using our exclusive designs offered in our store such as ceramic, stone, marble, granite or quartz, together we can create your dream bathroom.

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