Marmotex for kitchens is the new line of natural quartzite stones that we have in Estepona provide by Mercasur. They are quartzite stones that thanks to the exclusive K-PROOF process that makes them completely waterproof, suitable for the contact with food, easy to maintain and durable, and for this reason this line is absolutely unique in its kind.

Quartzite stones are, by their nature, highly resistant to impacts and scratches but, now, only thanks to K-PROOF treatment, they are totally stain-resistant. Each original plate is identifiable by the branch and indelibly printed stamp on the back to guarantee furthermore the quality and uniqueness of the product. Being a limestone, has a strong and solid feature, with great warmth and elegance which adapts harmoniously to all the architectural solutions that are being demanded currently.

Quartzite stones with K-PROOF treatment give life to the surfaces, multifunctional and versatile, do not stain and they are resistant to oil, coffee, wine and daily food. This versatility makes that these quartzite stones are perfect for kitchen and bath or for any other indoor or outdoor use.


Marmotex is the ideal solution for the natural stone kitchens countertops, you can cut and knead directly on their surface because thanks to the exclusive and certified treatment of the material K-PROOF, turns into a quartzite stone worktop that repels the stains and resists scratches. We are official distributor of quartzite stones in Estepona, Marbella, Sotogrande, Gibraltar, Malaga and all Andalucia in general.







K-PROFF is the 100% genuine stone kitchen countertop. It is a waterproof surface, which guarantees maximum hygiene and it is resistant to difficult stains such as oxide, ink, tea or wine. It offers also a high resistance against abrasions, fire and heat ant it is a product that does not cause color variations over the time with the daily use. These advantages make of K-PROFF quartzite countertop an exclusive surface.

Mercasur Estepona provides to its customers new and innovative materials as the Marmotex limestone that keeps intact the strong and noble nature of the stone. The technology and the esthetic quality of the Marmotex products allow different possibilities of use with these noble materials to recreate a “Cross section of art”, permitting the creation of a suitable combination for your living space.

The strength of stones and marbles has always been excellent materials for all surfaces, giving strength to the environments thanks to the value and magic of natural stone.

How to clean quartzite Stone

How should we make the daily cleansing of our quartzite stone ?

To do the regularly cleaning of this type of surface treated with K- PROOF, just use a microfiber cloth or soft sponge and hot water, applying until the stain disappears. Then use a cloth to dry the surface well.

Difficult stains cleaning:

It is recommended to clean the kitchen countertop immediately after each use so that no more stubborn stains appear. In the case of stains caused by splashes or drops of food or cleaning daily products, Marmotex has created K-NEAT, a product specially developed for the maintenance and total hygiene of this surface.

In case you don´t have this cleaning product, it is suggested to apply  just in a part of it, some non-aggressive neutral detergent with degreaser and/or disinfectant, to check its effectiveness. To this cleaning, the product must be allowed to take action for a maximum of two minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. In addition, it is highly recommended to carry out a daily preventive cleaning with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Limestone Stains

It is recommended to use a detergent with decaling and non-corrosive action, with vinegar-based. And as we have commented before, it is needed to check its effect on a part of the countertop, leaving the product to act for a maximum of two minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry well with a spongy rag.

How to clean Residues of silicone or glue after installation

It is advisable to remove any remains that have been left immediately after installing the K-PROOF countertop, without using for this, any sharp or abrasive elements that may damage or scratch the surface.

What we must not do:

Never must be used:

-Whitening or excessively corrosive or alkaline products as caustic soda.

-Decaling products which are too much acid or concentrated.

-Products made from acetone, turpentine or diluents.

-Products containing wax in excess or other additives that are used for polishing.

-Read carefully the warnings and tips of use before using any product. An improper use can directly affect the treatment.

-K-PROOF maintenance is simple. Our professionals are at your disposal for any additional information you need clarify.