Without doubt, Hydraulic tiles will play a leading role in your decoration if you want to get a different and original ambiance, inspired by the 30s and 40s. Vintage style is an elegant look, with romantic air than match old designs with more modern features. Combined with the suitable furniture and complements, you will achieve that ´retro´ touch you are looking for.

Hydraulic floors in modern designs

The decorative tiles will make your rooms different, with a fun touch. As in this room with a hydraulic floor that match perfectly with soft tones, do you think that the rectangle created by these hydraulic tiles looks like a carpet? The ceramic offers you infinite possibilities in decoration.

In Mercasur, you will find a wide range of materials and we will give you the ideas your need. We have a large catalogue of tiles and hydraulic floors in Estepona, Marbella, Sotogrande and Gibraltar.

The plinths of this corridor seem to be made of ancient tiles, isn´t it? Technological innovation allows the current ceramic reproduce the hydraulic tile as if it were real. The whole decorative resulting, helped by the use of wood and a cream-colored ceramic floor in addition, is a rustic environment.


Although it was fashionable until the 70s, the hydraulic tiles have come with strength to stay. In Mercasur Estepona you will discover different varieties of imitation tiles whose advantages over artisanal ones are, among others, their resistance and their easiness for cleaning and maintaining daily.

As we can see in this image, in the hydraulic flooring the floral and geometric patterns that are mixed together are predominant. In addition, they could be combined with decoration from different styles; in this example with a industrial type decoration with the detail of facing bricks on the walls. An original and strong mix!

Would you like to give an original touch in your kitchen? Look at this hydraulic mosaic that has been applied to a wall covering. In this case, it is a wall dividing the kitchen to the area of the dinning-room. In this kitchen stands out the mixture of styles: modern in the kitchen furniture and the rustic touch with the use of wood.

An easy way to have a different bathroom is applying and playing with its combinations, where we could achieve results as good as these ones. The strength of this space is certainly the flooring. This type of ceramic is perfectly suitable for using in humid areas.

The hydraulic ceramic is perfectly applicable both to flooring as wall coating. Furthermore, it is also recommended to be used in zones with abundant flow of people as commercial spaces as this one. For any question about its uses and applications, Mercasur have a qualified professional team that may advise you, indicating the resistances of each model and for what type of environments are designed.

The hydraulic mosaic is a handcrafted decorative tile which is manufactured in compressed cement with the use of a hydraulic press. This tile was invented in France in the mid-nineteenth century. The current technological innovation allows producing this kind of ceramic, imitating it faithfully but making it lighter and more resistant than the handcrafted one.

The hydraulic patterns and drawings in the purest floral style are integrated in the bathroom and they are the perfect complement for white walls as these ones. These tiles are easy to clean and maintain. It is the best option for wet spaces and zones. The resultant composition, with this type of classic bathtub and faucet provides an original decoration

Have you decided to place it in any area of your home? If you have thought to buy hydraulic tiles, do not hesitate to approach to our store, where you can see our catalogue of this ceramic style and we work with the best manufacturers, quality and price.

The Hydraulic stoneware or the Vintage perfection

The stoneware, imitating hydraulic tile, as it is logical and as the technology advances, presents a number of advantages over the manufacturing in a handcrafted way. The ceramic stoneware is more resistant and stronger than the traditional one and more easily manipulated but its size. In addition, imitating floors are not porous so they are easy to clean and maintain because they do no absorb stains and they are more resistant to abrasive products.

Here we can see that the application of tiles have taken a timeless and stylish character, claimed and used in projects of contemporary luxury today. Any ceramic proposal that is inspired by them, turns out to be a perfect option to coat walls or paving floors, resulting an original, unique and with character composition.

In this image we could see how, within the inner design of this space, the application of the hydraulic floor has been able to create the center of attention of the decoration. There are several ideas to achieve that effect, in this case, a ´carpet´ has been designed through the ceramic pavement.

The trend ´retro´ is also trendy in commercial spaces or restaurants like the one in the photo. This style is reflected in the creation of the environments, the distribution of the premises and the wood furniture or the cabinets´ doors chosen. Hydraulic mosaics used in this decoration provide a unique touch of inspiration.

These floors match exactly with more modern and current decorative styles like in this commercial place. In this one is combined the enchantment of hydraulic-inspired tiles with dark furniture, contrasted with shades of soft wood and straight lines, much more contemporary and sophisticated. This type of floor is perfectly suitable to this high traffic area. Consult with our professionals about any question that may arise.

Even if they look like ancient floors, nothing is further from the truth. The hydraulic ceramic allows you to recover a resource from the past and implement elements more according to our time. For example, we can see here as the wall in the bar area, with facing bricks, provide a more urban and industrial style. If we add all over to this ambience the combination between wood elements and the plants used, the result is a guaranteed success.

Do you want a classic style bathroom? Use this hydraulic floor to your bathroom and the result will be as attractive as this ambience. It has been reinforced, in addition, with the use of decorative features and colors as gold and silver than give an antique touch. Undoubtedly, the hydraulic ceramic will help you to reinforce this decorative style

Hydraulic Pavements improved to endure

We cannot deny the irresistible appeal of the pavement imitating hydraulic, which has achieved that at present, its use has been so popularized that many companies are launched ceramic collections that reproduce their aesthetic, with faithful reproductions completely credible. Its aspect is antique but with all the advantages that the ceramic material give us to endure over the time.

Porcelain tiles could present very various decorative patterns. The used on this pavement revive old classical designs that remind us the old wallpapers. They have enough decorative ornament and they are perfectly accompanied with the ceramic imitation, look at how in the rest of the atmosphere the dominant colors are whites and cream ones, only with few touches of color, like the armchair.

The hydraulic floors help to define spaces. If you want to use them to cover the complete room pavement, they could be applied to specific areas. In this room, in particular, the hydraulic ceramic separate the area of the bar from the space where the tables are. A decorative touch that gives a great strength to the composition.

The traditional pavement is a handcrafted coating made with cement powder, sand and mineral pigments. Each tile is made one by one. Metal moulds are used to apply color, which are fixed in the cement base, using a hydraulic press to compact them.

The atmosphere of this bathroom looks modern, by the elements used:  the column and the shower plate, the suspended toilet, the type of the floor. However, using the hydraulic ceramic solution in this bathroom has been a success in order to bring some warmth, what do you think?

This hydraulic floor used in this kitchen gives a color touch. It is also perfectly combined when is applied, too, covering one of the walls in the zone where is the ceramic hob. Surely, the use of this type of floor in the kitchen is a success to achieve elegance and gives a high character to the space as this one. Here we can appreciate how the grey colors predominate and confer it an urban touch too.

It is reminding us of the old tiles used in the sockets of the courtyards of the Ancient Houses.  A little corner has an elegant style and with a ´chic´ touching in its furniture.

Hydraulic ceramics dress the spaces by itself. Applied to walls and floors the result is a success. As an example, this place of restoration, its decoration is simple, nothing that is needed. The hydraulic imitation ceramic gives it all the elegance and personality it needs.

The popularity that has reached in the last years has allowed that its use in the domestic decoration would be more affordable to our pockets. Different ceramic firms present proposals of hydraulic floor at very competitive prices. In Mercasur, leader in its sector in Estepona and Marbella, you will find the newest proposals.

We find in the market new porcelain tiles imitating hydraulic style that are able to, as we see in the picture, be applied to other points in the kitchen as coating the island or using in the kitchen worktop splashbacks.

Next to this retro ceramic air, it has been used industrial-type resources that reinforce this style as the 50s style fridge or the metal stools.

Do you like it but you think you cannot afford it? Nothing is further from the truth.  We invite you to visit our showroom and talk to our professional team, they will advise you about prices, advantages and styles. Nowadays, it could be found in the market imitation of hydraulic tiles at very affordable prices.

Here we could see how the hydraulic ceramics could be applied to all types of rooms; in this case, it is a bathroom in which predominate the pure , simple lines and the white color, as we can see in the style of the sanitary equipment used. The socket made of hydraulic ceramic and the used of wood, break with the minimalist style and gives the necessary warmth in this type of space.

The decorative tendencies allow us to travel to the past. In this kitchen, it has been used this application to coat the walls, moving us to the middle of the century, a trip to the past with winks of present.

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