Mosaico hidráulico de imitación

La democratización de la baldosa tradicional.

The hydraulic ceramics could be applied to all types of rooms; in this case, it is a bathroom in which predominate the pure , simple lines and the white color, as we can see in the style of the sanitary equipment used. The socket made of hydraulic ceramic and the used of wood, break with the minimalist style and gives the necessary warmth in this type of space.

The traditional pavement is a handcrafted coating made with cement powder, sand and mineral pigments. Each tile is made one by one. Metal moulds are used to apply color, which are fixed in the cement base, using a hydraulic press to compact them.

The stoneware, imitating hydraulic tile, as it is logical and as the technology advances, presents a number of advantages over the manufacturing in a handcrafted way. The ceramic stoneware is more resistant and stronger than the traditional one and more easily manipulated but its size. In addition, imitating floors are not porous so they are easy to clean and maintain because they do no absorb stains and they are more resistant to abrasive products.

The decorative tiles will make your rooms different, with a fun touch. As in this room with a hydraulic floor that match perfectly with soft tones, do you think that the rectangle created by these hydraulic tiles looks like a carpet? The ceramic offers you infinite possibilities in decoration.

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Azulejos hidráulicos en el hogar

Una opción preciosa para cualquier estancia.

The popularity that has reached in the last years has allowed that its use in the domestic decoration would be more affordable to our pockets. Different ceramic firms present proposals of hydraulic floor at very competitive prices. In Mercasur, leader in its sector in Estepona and Marbella, you will find the newest proposals.