The democratization of traditional tile.

Emerging in France during the 19th century, the hydraulic mosaic is a handcrafted decorative tile, which is made from cement and coloured pigments compressed by hydraulic press, and for the name of this tool,this ceramic gets its name.

Currently, technological innovation with respect to its manufacturing, allows to reproduce the hydraulic tile with lighter weight, cheaper and resistant to shock and dirt than the handcrafted ones.

In addition, the combination of these tiles with other textures  or colors, such as imitation wood tiles, adds a plus of style and elegance to any floor in all the rooms.

In this way, the hydraulic tiles carpets appear to  delimit the dining area, the living area in the living room or even to decorate the passing areas.


A beautiful option for any room.

In the kitchen

The use of hydraulic ceramic to give an original touch to the kitchen is other of today´s decorative trends.

In modern kitchens, it will serve to reduce the rigidity of linear forms, providing balance and naturalness.

On the other hand, in rustic kitchens, it will emphasize the traditional air, creating spaces with a charming country style.

The popularity that has reached in the last years has allowed that its use in the domestic decoration would be more affordable to our pockets. Different ceramic firms present proposals of hydraulic floor at very competitive prices. In Mercasur, leader in its sector in Estepona and Marbella, you will find the newest proposals.