Which are the sizes of large format tiles?

Sizes available up to 300 cm long.

The current production processes, thanks to the most advanced technology, allow the manufacture of large format tiles in a wide range of sizes. We can offer you practically any size up to almost 300 cm long.

In addition to the variety of sizes, we must add the different textures of the pieces which, together with the wide range of colors, exponentially multiply the decorative options in large-format porcelain tiles.

Thickness of the tiles from 3mm to 20mm

Without a doubt, what is most surprising about large tiles is the variety of thicknesses. Nowadays, our manufacturers have optimized the processes until reaching the ideal balance between quality, design and functionality.

In this way, we can offer you large format porcelain tile thicknesses from 3mm to 20mm. Can you imagine the range of decorative options this fact implies?

Large format tile shop in Estepona

If, after reading the article, you still have any doubts, we invite you to visit our permanent exhibition of large format porcelain tiles in EsteponaMercasur Estepona it is your store near you, where you can find everything you need to reform your home, as well as personalised advice without obligation.

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