Although our shower trays focus on decoration and function in the interior of the home, where they go untouched by exterior weather and climate conditions, we should not overlook the features that concern to its use, being these built with anti-slip systems for the safety of people. Here you can find designs like this beautiful bathroom with shower where natural light enters; It gives a lively and cheerful appearance. If the space is not excessively large, choosing a bathroom with a shower is a good option


Surfaces which are partially or completely slip proof are the basis of any installation. Apart from the importance of the decorative aspect in the anti-slip shower plates, here the functional part takes preference and becomes the base for renovating our bathroom from scratch.


If you are looking for an original shower tray with different textures and colours and made to the size you need, click below and you will be amazed at what you find…



The world of bathrooms is really wide. Although we do not believe it, when choosing pieces we have stone or resin shower plates the variety is impressive. At Mercasur Estepona we advise you on the different models that best suit your bathroom, depending on the modern or classic style you have. It adapts to your needs and the decorated space or environment or functionality that you want you to have.


Shower Trays made of Natural Stone have a high level of resistance to scratches, making this the perfect material to use when thinking of renovating or for a decorative project which you want to last for years to come. It also stands out for being a material which resists the formation of damp spots and mould and maintains its colours and shine regardless of the conditions that the bathroom has to put up with over time. There is a diversity of materials of different shapes and sizes which we distribute. They are made from Marble, Ceramic, Acryllic, Resin or Gresite.

When choosing a bath or shower tray we must keep in mind that it should reflect both relaxation and sensuality.

From a biological standpoint, us human beings sleep “to charge our batteries” so as to be able to function well in our daily lives and that’s why rest is important. And what better way to get a good nights rest than having a hot shower before going to bed at night.

An area as special as the bathroom, cannot go unnoticed in the original sketches and plans of your home renovation.

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