We spoke with Enrique J.Muñoz , CEO of Cas Ceramica , who brings us up to date on news within the  decorative ceramics sector. We asked Enrique, what are your proposals for this year?


Enrique J. Muñoz, General director in CAS CERÁMICA

 – What are Cas Ceramic proposals /news for this year?

Cas Cerámica works continuously to update designs and create new colecctions,  the most outstanding tiles in terms of shapes, colours and finishes.

At Cas we are aware that each new product is unique and requires its time not only in creation but also in their settlement in the market. We are currently working on the promotion of Forever , Chateau, Elysian and Tender collections which were launched in Cersaie in Italy, and after the celebration of Cevisama in Spain are settling down dramatically. We are very pleased with the reception that these collections are having in general and in sectors such as architecture, interior design and decoration in particular.

– Without a doubt, the basis of Cas Ceramics is one of a company of ceramic tradition , right?

Yes , our first factory was opened in 1920 , since then Cas Ceramics has retained the traditional techniques, with regards to the process of production of our tile but with the addition of the most advanced technology to achieve a unique pottery .


– How have influenced the latest technologies in the ceramics decoration ?

As I said Cas Ceramics retains the traditional techniques to produce our tiles, however we have a strong commitment to the most advanced technologies, since our firm has invested in research and development to achieve a quality tile with the most intense and nuanced finishes without losing the memory of traditional tile colors. The binomial traditionally technological progress is allowing , among others, for our tile stand out from others.

– What does Cas Ceramic offer the  world of handmade pottery ?

More to contribute I would say, we complement the marketplace with handmade ceramics . Our experience in this product is more than demonstrated , we combine that experience with a team of excellent qualified staff , the latest technologies and especially a lot of interest in getting the artisanal ceramics have the place it deserves in the decoration market . Our handmade tile tradition but also an element of art . Cas Ceramics works every day so that is considered.


– Where do you see the sector?

The Ceramics market is increasingly demanding with the quality of the products. After years of crisis, the ceramic is back in fashion as a remarkable decorative element. The usual traditional brand with the addition of the new lines of decoration. The demand for quality and traditional trends are back at last .

– What advice would give us when choosing decorative ceramics ?

Be demanding when choosing which tile to fill your ceramic decoration. We should value this product , one of the most popular national elements worldwide . Be traditional , authentic and choose a handmade item as this contributes to a high value decorative ceramic that makes it different .

Mercasur-Estepona-hablamos-com-Cas Ceramica-ambiente-olympia

– What advice can you offer for maintenance of ceramic tiles ?

Ceramic is a very easy material to clean and is hygienic , you can use any type of disinfectant for maintenance as well as being the perfect alternative for those who like many, are susceptible to textile materials and  outbreaks of mites or bacteria. The ceramic floors are very durable and today offer very extensive decorative options for the most demanding spaces.

– What kind of pieces exist?

Cas Ceramics provides its customers with the application tile . It is important that formats are adaptable and can be installed easily , smoothly with combinable gauges, thickness and  shape. Although in terms artisan ceramics we offer the following formats , 14cm x 28cm , 15cm x 15cm, 15cm x 40cm and 20cm x 20cm to facilitate this application .

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