Wood ceramic effect

personality and warmth

There are many options when choosing a floor tile. Without doubt, the warmth of wood is known on many occasions as positive point for choosing this material as floor tile .Against this fact, the wood have inconvenient such as they get scratch easily, requiring regular care or having negative effects when dealing with the water.

The best alternative to these wooden floors are porcelain wood effect. New technologies can reproduce printing ceramic materials with textures so real that are difficult to distinguish. And the wood effect tiles are proof of this.

The advantages of these tiles are:

His undeniable advantage is longevity and resistance. Also, the surface supports the effect of the sun without changing the finish. Therefore, it´s an ideal material for both areas, indoor and outdoor.

Easy maintenance: Unlike the parquet, which does need special care, porcelain wood is kept in a good condition comfortable, simple and quick.

-Low liquids absorptions: one of the great weaknesses of the parquet is the involvement of water or other liquids. However, porcelain tile has a low porosity, making it an ideal material for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

It can be applied a non-slip finish treatment; a feature that makes it ideal for areas discussed above.

Perfect effects

The fidelity which is used to reproduce ceramic properties and natural wood finishes is such that, in many cases, it is very difficult to know whether this is a real wooden floor or wooden porcelain. The finishes available on the market cover almost all types of wood: beech, walnut, chestnut, oak, etc.

Regarding this, thanks to the advancement in research and development of manufacturers, fakes are so perfect that even, you can check their own textures of wood with knots and veins.

Multiple decorating options

The wood effect tiles are very versatile. They come in different ranges of colours, sizes and designs, shiny or matt, flat or with relieve … which also allows you the possibility to mix it with other tiles, and play with the lay down placement.

They can also be applied to both floors and coatings. The possibilities of ceramics is unlimited and its application manages to provide an elegance, warmth and style to any room, whether you chose a more traditional or contemporary decor.