What do we find in Bathco´s products that we don´t see in their competitors?

Bathco is a business group dedicated to the design and manufacture of products for the bathroom and it´s up to today is present in 75 countries. Consistency in work, investment in R & D and a well-defined line business have made possible the growth of the Company since they were born in the seventies. The key to our success, I believe is, to incorporate cutting-edge design to decorate bathrooms.

Without doubt, the principles of design, innovation and quality are the pillars of the Company, isn´t it?

Exactly, the ceramic sector is characterized by dynamism and competitiveness which is in constant research and development to enable the launch of new products fair to fair. Any innovation is a comparative advantage for us, so, we perform constant work in R + D and I always focus on the design and discovery of new materials. Two clear examples of this are the Cemlab project, a new material (special cement 30-40% water resistant) developed by the Components Technology Center Cantabria (CTC), at showcased at the opening of Atelier Bathco : a space where different artists research new applications for ceramics.

Seeing the good reception of Bathco Atelier, can we say that artisanal products being reassessed by customers?

Each piece that goes out the workshop is produced in Spain by our artists and artisans. Thanks to the talent, experience and creativity of this group of professionals ensuring the artistic process is done at home. Since the birth of the first ideas, the process of sketching, the application of paints, testing new materials, the process of baking and drying; everything is done on the premises of the Company and is coated with the essence and genius of each of the artists. The traditional process has always been valued given the unique character that gives each piece, but if it passes through the hands of an artist becomes an exhibition piece achieving bring art to the bathroom that is what it Atelier expects.

Tell us a little more about this artistic creation space

Bathco Atelier is a unique initiative that links for the first time, the art world to the ceramics industry and bathroom furnishings. It also entails the implementation of an area of artistic creation and experimentation in the Company.

The artists generate ideas, working on new designs, create and experiment with the possibilities offered by the paintings and its fusion with other materials: iron particles, sandstone, glass, etc. It is ultimately a collaborative project with eight artists who bring their personal stamp and their way of living and understanding the art in each of the pieces that ho out of the oven of this workshop.

The most innovative part of the project is the possibility of ad hoc projects, where the artistic intervention goes beyond the piece of a wash basin to flood the spaces across the development of ceramic murals. The architect, interior designer or designer has the possibility of working directly with artists of the atelier to produce totally adapted to the conceptual needs of every project.

On the one hand the handcrafted thing; on the other, the unstoppable technological development … how do they get to combine it in their daily work?

Under the premise of constant improvement, we work constantly to design products that not only meet the usual expectations and functionality, but as well as to enhance our image, continuing to fulfill our commitment to our clients.

This philosophy has made possible the release of collections such as Natural Series by Bathco and Vintage collection or creation of Bathco Atelier. When we speak about quality, we extend this term to all our activities. That is to say, not only we work offering every day a major quality product but we guarantee excellence in the service to our customers.

And this quality of service lies in a “know-how” determined by the group of professionals who make up the company. Behind every operation, each enquiry or order there is a human team involved in the philosophy of the company, who can grow with the company and with its customers, offering an attention and a personalized service.

This avant-garde spirit and innovation also reflected in collections as original as those created with David Delfín or Javier Mariscal

The desire of our company has led us to explore other fields like the world of fashion and industrial design. We collaborate with prestigious designers like David Delfín and Javier Mariscal with those who have brought to the market two collections being a success. In addition, we have recently launched the catalog of both collections to show the product more attractively although the products themselves are already a show.

What do you think is essential when anyone has decided to reform or design their bathroom?

When decorating the bathroom not only can we show our personality and our tastes, but also create spaces where we can relax and enjoy. To get a space adapted to our needs it is highly advisable to seek advice from a professional – an architect, interior designer, etc. – who knows all the possibilities offered by the market in terms of new products, trends, quality, etc. With creativity and clever ideas you can make even the smallest bathroom fulfills all functions you expect.

With products as typical as those of Bathco, it´s possible to create comfortable, modern, elegant spaces … truth?

The prominence acquired with bathrooms in recent years is responsible for what we have now, free rein with our imagination which is what we offer to our customers.

In the market we can find a host of products where functionality and design go hand in hand. Bathco collections try to offer more than the conventional, not only by design but by the human value that is deposited in each piece; either applying the decals, hand painted sinks and murals on ceramic or stone polishing, craftwork methods combining with mechanical processes. That kind of products offers new concepts that help create unique spaces.

What advice would you give us when choosing the pieces of the bathroom?

Many interior designers say that we have reached standardization in bathroom décor, which does not leave much room for differentiation. Therefore, the company has created Bathco Atelier, new range of concept customizable bathrooms bringing creativity to a space that does not always get the same attention as the rest of the house.

On the other hand, we can talk about another kind of  concept which  is receiving a great acceptance in the industry and also in the Arab market, metallic colours. Face classic and modern creating eclectic environments. And why not? Bohemian or minimalist; everything is possible through inspiration and creativity.

Sinks is our general catalog, with surfaces in gold and silver available  in the Gold & Silver collection,  in both colors. How could it be otherwise, our Vintage reasons – Toile de Jouy and Tevety – are also present in this collection but this time with metallic appearance. As for materials, we can highlight the trend in Thin Porcelain present in models such as Volta, Nile or Lys. It is also gaining much ground porcelain tile. This material comprises a mixture of fine-grained clays and other minerals to produce a dense body, which makes it highly moisture resistant, stain and wear. This composition has been applied to the Aquanit shower trays, Bathco brand which is the official distributor in Spain.

What is Bathco currently working on? 

The most important project in which we are engaged is Cemlab. We are focused on finalizing the R + D of this totally innovative and start marketing as soon as possible new material. It is a new formulation that, based on traditional cement, get a lighter, more waterproof and with a wide range of possible colors and finishes in the final product. That means it significantly improves the properties of cement washbasins currently on the market. On the other hand, we will soon launch the next catalog Gold & Silver where you can see sinks in metallic tones; silver, gold and rose gold, a trend that will soon reach every home. In addition, this catalog will also include sinks inlaid with Swarovski crystals in a wide range of colors. As a novelty, we are testing to develop a collection of sinks microcemento, a material with a smooth and continuous finish that has properties like anti-scratch and anti-stain.