Cevimasa and Espacio Cocina Sici

Mercasur Estepona has visited two unavoidable meetings to the sector.

Part of the team of Mercasur has visited two of the most important fairs in our sector: Cevisama and Espacio Cocina Sici. There they have taken account of the novelties and trends in the world of ceramics and related sectors, bathrooms equipments as well as the latest in furniture, accessories and kitchen equipment.

According to the inform “Tendencias Cerámicas 2017-2018” (Ceramic Trends 2017-2018), submitted by “El Observatorio de tendencias del Hábitat”, (Habitat Trends Observatory), in the last years the technology of manufactures in the sector of ceramic tile is what has set the trends, thanks to which truly authentic reproductions of other materials as wood, marble or cement have been achieved.

This report also reveals the trend of the ceramic material towards the large formats, unthinkable a few years ago and that today are a reality. All thanks to the huge effort in I+D+I that ceramic manufactures are making.

It must be emphasized that Ceramic textures in relief still predominate as well as the decorative motifs in a wide variety of colors. All this makes enormous the possibilities offered by the application of ceramics in the creation of ambiences.

Likewise, in Cervisama framework, it has been presented the new rule of placement: Rule UNE 138002 “Rules for the execution of ceramic tiles by adherence”, without a doubt, an important milestone in the sector.

Concerning to Espacio Cocina Sici, our team has collected ideas and have known the inmediate future in the kitchens world. In this context, it has been submitted, by Silestone Institute hand, the global study of trends “Global Kitchen”, a document which collects the general trends in the use of kitchen at homes. In this way, the study advances the kitchen in the future will be more open to the rest of the home, integrated with the living room, becoming in this way the main area of the house where you will cook and enjoy with your family and friends. And, of course, the technological trend bets on a fully digital kitchen, where Automation will be the protagonist.

Definitely, from the visit to these two important meetings of the sector, Mercasur Estepona professionals have taken notes of the latest trends and innovations presented, acquiring innovative ideas with which they may surprise our customers.