The kitchen has become one of the rooms of the house with the greatest impact on the daily lives of families. Today, this area of ​​the house has become one of the most visited, as much of our daly life is spent in this room.

Focusing on the decoration and design in these areas we can emphasize that very innovative and bold projects can be carried out relying on materials such as marble, dekton, silestone, ceramic or natural stone, among others sold in the industry leader store Mercasur Estepona.

Among the main trends today in decoration or design of these areas, neutrality and minimalism are important in this regard. Regarding the first, neutrality, characterized by the fact that its one of the most important specifications among customers. As for minimalism, it is another of the most significant features amongst the most fervent customers. By not having a cluttered kitchen,it is now more spacious and the kitchen stops being a place that people merely pass through but rather becomes a space that can be lived in.

Another major trend that is important today in the kitchens are the colours. Nowadays there is a significant presence in kitchens of the use of exuberant colours, ie colours that were popular years ago are now coming back into fashion. In these cases we are talking about colours like green, neutral grey, tangerine and orange, which are coming back to fill these culinary spaces with light and creativity.

We also have to point out another of the most fashionable trends in today’s world is the issue of lighting. The LED light has taken on a huge role, as it has many advantages in terms of energy saving and reduced light pollution, which has led to an increase of its presence in these spaces.

In short, and in conclusion, it should be emphasized that the trends today which are in force in the Spanish kitchens have a great relationship with all materials and products offered in the store of the sector leader, Mercasur Estepona.