Dekton in Estepona

If your are looking Dekton in Estepona we are official dealer and we have the best prices in the Costa del Sol.

If anything characterizes Dekton is that it is subject to continuous development and innovation and development material.

Proof of this is the latest of Dekton XGloss. Ultracompact  high-tech polished surfaces, which is characterized by its dazzling, bright and crystal shine, goes a step further and presents Natural Collection: a sublime and delicate collection inspired by natural stone.

The new collection features three colours: Fiord, Glacier and Tundra. Colours have an harmony typical of natural materials and an elegance and unalterable design.

FIORD rescues the beauties of the most luxurious Onix Crema. This colour palette ranging from yellow, earth tones and colours more intense.This extraordinary brilliance and design makes it a special and sophisticated warm color, with nuances.

GLACIER is presented with fine veins of gold colour on white background. A brilliant product for its polished finish; sober and subtle for its colour; and natural and elegant in its design structure.

TUNDRA, with white base and gray vains, it is a colour that is reminiscent of marble. For its structure veins, its dazzling brightness and subtly marked background, they create an original and genuine appearance.Natural colours that bring an unmistakable style adapting both classic as the most avant-garde. A range that has a timeless beauty above trends.

And why choose Dekton?

Dekton, besides being an innovative, elegant and sophisticated design material presents outstanding technical qualities: high resistance to UV, fire and heat, scratch and abrasion. It is a non-porous material so repels liquids and have high stain resistance.It is also a product that does not discolour over time, has high mechanical strength and is incombustible and resistance to frost and thaw.

Thanks to the size and lightness of Dekton, along with all these features, the possibilities grow exponentially design in kitchens, bathrooms, walls or floors.Surely Dekton is a material with extraordinary options that will not leave you indifferent.