We talk to Fernando Molina, manager of Center Granada /Andalucía Central

How would you define Cosentino group activity?
Innovation: We are a company in constant innovation, not only in products, processes, systems, media, etc.  Innovation is part of our DNA and is linked to the entire organization and at all levels.

It is certainly not only the king of the kitchen countertop

The group does not only especially in kitchen countertops, and perhaps this policy has been the reason why we are successful in markets where COSENTINO have suffered heavy losses, for example the Spanish market.

Almost in response to question 5, not being focused only on one channel / product has been key to the large numbers we have achieved.

The application of the same product as is SILESTONE in other applications that are not being served, as was the bathroom (with great results) hotel applications, furniture, sanitary, elevators, etc.

Add to this versatility, America, America is the distributor GRUPO COSENTINO has in Brazil, marking the first export (country number one in granite) has 14 own natural stone quarries, undertaking major projects such as the Patio de Los Leones in the Alhambra or the Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba make in Stone we are a benchmark of quality, capacity and service.

R +D + I: Innovation, development and education.

Fundamental pillars for growth, is not it? Without investment in R + D + I we are of the opinion that there is no growth, growth is the cornerstone , the markets are constantly changing ,as well as trends, applications , and if you are not well established in this section , you’re out very quickly and to recover a situation is very complicated. The key is to go ahead, bet heavily in this section to get a better position.

Although  Silestone has spent years on the market, it is still fashionable and continues  to renew itself…

SILESTONE started in the age of 88/89, as has happened since then, the brand has had great weight among consumers and the various channels we move, it has become a benchmark and although it is a mature product, it still has longevity thanks to the big bet of R & D + I and that causes rejuvenation in each new release. In fact, launched last series, it has been placed in the list of top selling colors. We still see SILESTONE with very innovative finishes which will continue to set trends against other materials from the same application.

Silestone , Sensa , Scalea, Pexury , Dekton … the variety of products you offer is incomparable. Do you have answers to all niche markets? Do they complement each other?

Offering this range of products in a project ensures the customer has a wide range on offer. Depending on the product that can sometimes be complimentary for example in the case of a shower, either one can be viable, for a large format flooring , DEKTON covers only the plot and can complement the stairs appeased by another brand.

What has it meant to give the market something as innovative as DektonXGloss ?

XGLOSS is due to its manufacturing process, much investment supported R & D + I and jump differential with other types of materials that exist in the market. There is nothing currently on the market with these features, which makes gives us the competitive advantage.

This got the attention of Architects, which resulted in XGLOSS being the big news in the stone sector due to the large design possibilities it offers, “it is a material global solutions within the architecture”.

Silestone or Dekton are materials that have revolutionized the world of the kitchen, right?

The arrival of SILESTONE in the beginning was not easy, which was a similar case with DEKTON. Changes are not easy and a change in the design of kitchens has been achieved based on various aspects.

The marketing strategy has been a true innovation in the industry and I understand that was the great architect of the success of SILESTONE, the focus brand presence through specialized magazines, creating a network promotional pdv, exposing the material at free exhibitions, unlimited samples, as well as engaging the services of top  athletes (Fernando Alonso, Nadal, Pedrosa) chefs (Aduriz, Dani Garcia, David Muñoz, etc.) public figures (Velencoso, Paz Vega, etc.) I think it has It has been one of the pillars.

On the other hand, our allied marble workshops, which have been the main drivers of these efforts were reflected in consumption, as workshops that have had to evolve, they have seen these changes in trend, with their good work able to transform a great product in a way of life, giving quality and versatility spaces.

They have been and they are protagonists to this change, we’ve seen countertops wood, laminate, very classic granite to a range of colors, sizes options not seen before which would not have been possible without our partners workshops.

The possibilities offered by the materials that you made are numerous, where do you think lies the success of such brands?

I believe that success lies in the Management of people, the Human Resoruces team at Consentino Group is admirable for being a partner Company, very friendly and close. Every Manager is approachable and receptive to see how they are doing things.

The best example of this approach is the Group´s president Paco  Cosentino like the whole family, He´s very attentive to improvement details the Customer needs.

The ethic and way of working is present across the whole organization, with great passion and sacrifice the results arrives.