Cerámica Mayor, innovating the outside ceramic

We spoke with Eva Mayor, Marketing Manager of Cerámica Mayor

The possibilities that ceramic offers nowadays are numerous, where do you think the success of this material started?

The versatility and resistance provided by the ceramic material is unique, it also offers unlimited possibilities in solving construction problems.

Ceramics Mayor a family comany with over a century of trading…how have you managed to reinvent yourselves?
Always keeping an open mind to change and really enjoying what we do.

What do Ceramics Mayor contribute to the ceramic outside sector?

Non-Slip flooring constructive solutions and special pieces, like steps and coronations pools without compromising design.

What has led to marketing something as innovative as the Pool Solutions series?

The truth is that behind this product has been 2 years of effort and the conviction to do something of quality that add value to the customer. Once that has been released, the wait and work have paid off and people are accepting the product with much enthusiasm.

What basic aspects must be taken into account when choosing ceramic material for exteriors?

It must be non-slip, to avoid falls, be easily maintained and above all that,  when you see it every day you fall in love with it and that you are convinced that you had made  a great choice.

What is Ceramic Mayor working on right now?

We are working on a new line of large format flooring for outdoor use, with all our special pieces brought together. In order to achieve this we had to make extensions in the factory bringing in specialist equipment for the project. We hope to have the results very soon.

How has the outdoor ceramic sector evolved?

It has evolved a lot in terms of designs and formats, with increasing trends in the market especially regarding interior materials. The finishes, increasingly offer more features and are pleasant to the touch, something unthinkable a few years ago.   People are more demanding and use more and more rectified materials outside with a  more refined aesthetic.