Fashion and decoration go together.

Ceramic tiles have become one of the main trends in this sense, as well as its decorative beauty it has also become an ingredient in high demand as it combines the simplicity, efficiency and durability of this type of material.

Among the major trends found in special stores, among which we are the leader in this sector, Mercasur Estepona, highlights the search for simplicity, and it is often better to leave the materials in their completely original form, ie without any alteration. This is the upward trend as far as ceramics are concerned and the proof is the amount or housing facilities where it is currently being implemented.

This simplicity in ceramic tiling trends has led to a quest to find and focus on simplicity leaving to one side enamels, drawings and reliefs and putting aside all kinds of ornamentation.

Another trend that is more frequently used in ceramic tiles are the ones inspired by wood and these are also in great demand in decoration. This search for neutrality, by using wood, gives the end result of soft tones and a subtle finish.

As for the decoration of ceramic tiles, you will find a huge range of possibilities: vegetable prints, unique abstract paintings, geometrical designs, sometimes playing with the relief or disposition of parts.

This whole situation is setting trends in ceramic tiles and has meant that today the Spanish ceramic has become one of the main sources of export, in particular according to the accessed data by the leader store in this sector Mercasur Estepona, Spain has increased sales in 2014 by 4%. A very significant fact that shows the upward trend of a sector, trading both within and outside our country.

In short, the specialization that is found in this sector, has managed to create a trend that is getting great results when it comes to ceramics.