Ceramic tile, the most chosen option for coating the walls of the kitchen.


By excellence the ceramic tile has been the most chosen option for coating the walls of the kitchen.
We have to leave behind the lack of modernity concept when we are using tiles. Nothing far away from the reality. Ceramic is a dynamic and versatile material, immersed in a world full of changes and evolution and has reappeared, offering new types, styles textures and sizes.


These new ceramic styles have made an impact, keeping the qualities of strength, resistance and easy cleaning, using them to create a vanguardist style as well as classic style.

The news in ceramic presented by Cevisama 2016 in the fair, offered endless options in which the ceramic keeps their qualities.



The tiles with relieve, geometric forms or Vintage stile stand out for both walls and floors. Inkjet technology (digital printing) is one of the latest trends in the world of mosaic.


Also, one of the strong points on this fair has been the bet for the innovation in the imitation that ceramic can achieve.

It has taken another step in obtaining imitations to aged wood, natural stone, marble or slate.


These images with different environments give us ideas to create a modern, original and stylish kitchen.