Fusion between Modern Ceramic and contemporary.

Due to the magnificent research done throughout history, it has been proved that the use of ceramics as ornamentation was used back in ancient times and it was,is and always will be a wonderful product, a material of excellent quality both in its composition and its firmness.

Modern design as protagonist.

Currently being used is a modern design that features ceramic fusion between classical and contemporary styles.

That is to say, the fusion of diverse elements such as those known as “elements or opposing material.

Unify opposing material.

Unique spaces.



You will be accompanied at all times by our team of professionals, who will advise you when choosing all types of floors for your home that you need.

Do you prefer a continuous surface?

If you want to give depth to your living room , this is a good solution. Thanks to its versatility, choose a ceramic for bathrooms and with the same tiles put the floor. In addition, on many occasions, with this type of combination, it is not necessary to place the skirting boards, which will give a sense of continuity and depth to the space.

The current world of ceramics, has its distant beginnings in classical antiquity. In the History of Art we are invited to look from murals with personal and every day objects to admiring diverse large surfaces narrating different theories of how life in a meaningful culture could have developed.

The concepts are mixed in such a way as to achieve a result of unique and preferential spaces for those creating them.

This presents us with a great product for areas where the timeless classical style is used but strongly marked by the current trend.

As we have already seen, this material offers infinite possibilities in terms of design and decoration.

Whether they are for bathrooms, as if they are for kitchen, for walls or floors, you can get unique creations with the wide catalog of colors and designs.

New concepts when integrating modern ceramics in a living room and choosing a chord type, where tonalities are perfectly integrated with the light that the room receives, with the colors and style of the furniture.

Mercasur Estepona, owing to its vast experience, is characterized by its extensive geographic area of ​​work. The Costa del Sol our main location happens to be the ideal place for the creation or renovation of spaces that combine a typical climate with a relaxed lifestyle.

Porcelain tile is also suitable for application to humid areas, due to its low porosity, like in swimming pools, tiles for courtyards, etc. For outdoor areas, such as swimming pools, the ceramic flooring that is placed must have anti-slip properties to prevent slipping or falling, being indispensable in floors for terraces. If it seems appropriate this also applies to floors for bathrooms.

One of the current trends are wood imitation tiles, this porcelain floor reproduces very realistically thanks to the new applied technologies. Wooden ceramics have become a product category by itself.

The application of tiles for different areas of a space allows you to play with contrasts of tones, recreate old woods, achieve original geometric shapes, combine different materials … after all unrepeatable designs.

Just as it is essential to have quality, our company has more than 25 years of experience, with our advice we will help you to make your reform smoothly and not last in time.

From our company, Estepona Mercasur invites you to follow the different paths offered by the world of modern ceramics. We offer a wide range of products at the best price. You can visit the current exhibition, and see the great deals and discounts on offer in our warehouse.