How has the kitchen concept evolved in these years?

The evolution of cuisine runs parallel to the evolution of humanity; we cannot live without eating, so for obvious reasons we have to dedicate time to cook and prepare food. The concept of evolution depends on how our society is structured, depending on this structure, we will have more or less time for food preparation. This said, lifestyles are constantly changing; in the 70´s and 80´s women were the ones who spent most time in the kitchen. Today gender roles are almost meaningless.

As for the design, the evolution has always been marked by trends. TV cooking programs tell us that nowadays that almost anyone can cook, generating a constant interest in the culinary art.This fact has increased the interest in the kitchen and its functionality. Today we want easy access to utensils, cooking technologies, beautiful and ergonomic furniture, etc.

In recent years we have perceived an increase in open spaces. The kitchen is now integrated with other spaces of the home. This is perhaps caused by the American influence and what we see in movies. Islands, for example, are now a huge trend.

How does Inko Kitchens contribute to the world of kitchens?

From the beginning we always knew that we wanted to do what we loved and knew. Our contribution is the combination of design, functionality and comfort in the kitchen furniture and most importantly, make it accessible to all. That is why we continue  investigating new materials and new mechanical systems that make life easier. Without forgetting about the beauty of the kitchen. We are obsessed about details and perfect finishes. Our knowledge, technology, experience is at the same level as any German or Italian multinational. Our pride is of course that it is done here in Andalusia.

Is the company always immersed in innovation and development?

As I said before, this is a market in constant evolution and this implies the need to try to improve the present. Innovation is obtained by observation and analysis; not only of where the actual market is heading, but of how our products are used and how we can improve them. The machines have evolved so much that they can practically do anything, but where we truly innovate is in the convergence of knowledge and technology. This sometimes poses new challenges, that makes us work until we get it right.

What aspects should be taken into account when installing a kitchen in our home?

Obviously the first premise is space and, depending on this, it is about turning it into a useful and functional place. Nowadays, with a little creativity you can create perfectly functional kitchens in very small spaces, but if we have meters the limit is the imagination.

We should define our style, with which we identify more and which is out of place with the rest of the house, choose a cromatic palette according to our tastes and desires. For this, it is useful to look at magazines or our Facebook page and get ideas. We have to take into account that in a kitchen there are two functional areas: a work area, where we cut and prepare food, it must be a solid surface, illuminated, with access to water, and next to the other functional area: cooking.

Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the most lived rooms of a house, why do you think that this area of ​​the home always prevails?

Sitting down to eat is a social act, and cooking can become it too. If we join this to the new trends of distribution of the homes where the kitchen is integrated with other spaces, this gives you your answer.

The product of Inko Cocinas is highly competitive and with high quality, where does your success come from?

First of all our success comes from, as you say, having a high quality product with a high competitive price. In second place we provide our customers with an overall optimal experience with our furniture. We take care of the packaging, the delivery times, and the selection of our network of distributors, the final link of the chain. We design according to the needs of the clients and install our products with care in homes all over Spain; that is where our success lies.

What are the new proposals you offer? What are you are working on?

At the moment we continue to expand our human and technical resources to meet our demand, so we take this opportunity to implement the latest generation machinery and the most qualified professionals. In addition to following the latest trends in the market, we are involved in the development of various production systems, focused on improving the finish of the products to make them more useful, functional and long- lasting.

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